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An end to paperwork

Photograph the receipt, upload it and get paid. Digital expense management is that simple.

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More time, less paper

Take a photo, upload it and get it approved. Benefit from up to 80% time savings on expense claims and never lose a receipt again.

Full overview with app and web version

Whether on your smartphone on the road or on your laptop in the office. corplife-Expenses
is always at your side and makes your workday easier.

Automatically read out receipts

A photo is all it takes. Using OCR recognition, your invoice is automatically read and securely stored in the app.

Manage budgets

Allocate budgets to individual employees or departments
and keep track of all expenses.

corplife Expenses revolutionizes work processes

Up to 80% time saving

corplife-Expenses takes over those tasks that cost you and your employees not only nerves, but above all time. The integrated functions aim to handle administrative processes automatically and without spending a lot of time.

Reduce process costs

Correcting an incorrect payroll takes almost as long as the actual expense report. By eliminating these sources of error, your HR accountant gains more time for more important tasks, which can reduce process costs.

Happy employees

Lengthy manual processes can quickly have a negative impact on morale. Increase the happiness and productivity of every employee through the ease of use and efficiency of corplife-Expenses.

Sustainable advantages of fringe benefits

Strong employee loyalty

Put an end to high fluctuation costs! Attractive benefits increase your employees' identification with the company. As a result, employees demonstrably stay longer in the company and you reduce high recruiting costs.

Attract attractive applicants

It's all about the total package! Attract the attention of qualified professionals in the labour market and stand out as a top employer. Besides flexible working hours, employee benefits and an attractive working environment are among the priorities when looking for a job, especially among younger generations.

High satisfaction and productivity

Benefit from an improved working atmosphere and an all-round higher level of satisfaction in the company. The additional motivation gained has a long-term effect on the efficiency and productivity in the way your employees work.

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